Thanksgiving everyday in November: for November 5

Lordglorify_god God, Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the opportunities you give each day to live the Christian life and to show that life in an example to others.

Thank you for giving opportunities to preach and teach your word to a dying world. Your word is the world’s only hope of salvation. We pray that you will continue to send opportunities to share your word, and that you will help me see these opportunities when they present themselves.

Thank you for opportunities to study your word. Please grant that more opportunities will be made available. I understand that the more I study your word, the better I will understand and relate it. Please help me live everyday with the understanding of the great responsibility I have to help others find the way to eternal life.

Lord God, thank you for always helping me through your word. Your word is the only source of real strength in a world that knows little about true endurance.

In Jesus name, amen.


glorify_godAlmighty Father,

Thank you for always loving me. You don’t give your love because I deserve it. I don’t. You don’t give your love because you are required to do so. You’re not. But, simply because you made me and gave me my soul you show your love for me each day.

Thank you for showing me your love in the world you have given. You make sure that every day there is air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. The bounty of the earth is given because you say it should. Every blessing comes from you and they come with abundance. Thank you for those blessings.

Thank you for showing me your love in your son who gave his life and blood that I might live eternally. You didn’t have to send him here to suffer and die, but you did. I wasn’t because I deserved him, but because I needed him. No one has ever lived on the earth like him, Father. He taught us to love one another and stop hating. He taught us that if we love him we would keep his commandments. He taught us not only how to live here on earth, but also how to go to heaven.

Thank you for all your gifts that we are given each day both physical and spiritual. Please help us to remember from where those gifts come.

In Jesus name, amen.

Thanksgiving Everyday in November: Prayer for Nov. 3 #PraWriMo

Lord God, Heavenly Father,

Thankglorify_god you for faith and for defining it by the examples of Bible men who have believed and obeyed your word.

Thank you for the example of Noah who built an ark simply because you told him to do so.

Thank you for the example of Abraham who left his home and family simply because you told him and so exhibited the faith that obeys.

Thank you for the example of Moses who refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter and chose to suffer simply because you told him to go.

Thank you, Lord, for showing that faith is more than just belief, but it is also obedience to your word. Thank you for showing me that if I love you, I will do what you want me to do.

In Jesus name, amen.

Thanksgiving Prayer for November 2, 2016

glorify_godLord God, Heavenly Father,

Thank you for giving us so many spiritual blessings.

Thank you for giving us Jesus who has shown us not only how to live, but also what to live for. Thank you for sending him to show us the way to eternal life. Thank you showing us there is more to life than an existence on this temporary planet, but that a life used serving God is the highest purpose anyone could ever achieve.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of discipleship. It is in being a disciple of Christ that we learn to live with our minds on spiritual things and not on things on the earth. By being a disciple of Christ we can  point the way to life eternal to others and show them your great love in sending Jesus to die for our sins.

Thank you, Father, for your gift of your word that can change the heart of sinful man into a blessing that can help others to live life more abundantly.

For these and so many other spiritual blessings we thank you, Lord God, and praise your holy name.

In Jesus name, amen.


Lord God, Creator of Everything and our heavenly Father,

We praise and extol your name ruler of the universe because you spoke and the worlds came into existence. We praise and extol your name creator of everything because you created the world and everything in it including all the glorify_godhumans on this world.

We praise and extol your name Creator God because you have loved us and have shown us your love by sending your son to redeem us from sin. You did not have to send your son to die for our sins, but you did because you loved us and wanted us to live with you in heaven forever.

Lord God, we humble ourselves before you thanking you for your great love for us. It was when we were unlovable and lost in sin that you showed your greatness in giving the Lord Jesus for us. At the time of our rebellion against you, we did not think we needed a Savior, but you showed us your great love by giving Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins.

And, if that wasn’t enough, you gave us your word in the Bible so that we might learn to love you by doing what you command. We thank you for your word that is a light unto our feet and a lamp on our path. Thank you, Creator God, for your love and for our salvation.

In Jesus name, amen.

Doomed to repeat

God’s word teaches that even the most powerful nation in the world cannot avoid its responsibility for or its punishment of sin.

Possibly a little more than 200 years after the prophet Isaiah wrote the 21st chapter of the book that bears his name, judgment came to Babylon. Although the Assyrians defeated Babylon, it rose to power and eventually took control of Nineveh. But, Babylon was taken without a struggle in 539 B.C. by King Cyrus as God’s prophet had written (Isaiah 44:28; 45:1).

Isaiah identified the nation that would overcome the powerful, but evil Babylon (Isaiah 21:2). The prophet correctly predicted the Babylonians would be unprepared for the coming of King Cyrus (Isaiah 21:5), and the Scripture announces Babylon’s fall as if it had already happened (Isaiah 21:9).

The word of God teaches from history that judgment comes to all who commit sin and live in its bondage. Indeed it is impossible for a man to take fire to his bosom and remain unburned (Proverbs 6:27). If the Bible teaches anything, it teaches punishment comes to all sinners who refuse to repent — even the most powerful of nations — in time.

Americans currently live in the most powerful nation in the world. Yet, sin has reared its ugly head in this nation. The grievous sin of abortion has claimed the lives of millions of innocent babies because people have believed the lie that the unborn are not alive. This lie continues even though these unborn children have hearts that are beating and blood coursing through their bodies. God is not ignorant of this sin, and many others.

There is, however, the old saying: “Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Let us hope and pray that America will come to its senses before the Lord God of heaven sends his judgment.

Careful students

perry“Perry Mason,” the hit television program of the 1950s and 1960s is having a resurgence in re-runs.

Raymond Burr, the title actor, does a masterful job bringing Erle Stanley Gardner’s character to life. The short one-hour programs try to strike a balance between murder crimes and Mason’s ultimate victory in the courts.

After watching for a few days (I record the program from a television station in Nashville, Tennessee). Lt. Arthur Tragg, the L.A. police investigator, is not very good at what he does. He’s just not a very careful investigator. Tragg basically finds fingerprints on the gun, at the crime scene and then he goes and gets a warrant.

Mason, on the contrary, seeks out all the pertinent facts and details of the case and wears down witnesses until the murderer confesses. Usually, the culprit is sitting in the witness gallery and is worn down by the tension in the courtroom.

If “Perry Mason” was the real world, Tragg (and his subsequent investigator Andy Anderson whose record was just as dismal) would have been fired for incompetence. Investigators, as other professionals, must be careful students and not careless ones.

This brings us to another popular type of person — the careless preacher or teacher of the Bible. This person has some flaws when it comes to steering people the right way of biblical interpretation.

Some of these careless preachers are too proud of themselves. There are some whose education has given them an air of proficiency with the Bible they do not possess. When they are corrected, instead of meekness and humility, they become proud and arrogant denying any mistakes at all. Like the Pope, these think they are infallible. No one is.

Some of these careless preachers were once careless students. In school, they defended their mistaken interpretations of the Bible against all comers. They, too, have a problem with pride. Instead of taking time to go back to the Bible and find the truth, they refuse to consider anyone else may be right.

Some of these careless preachers defend doctrines that are just not taught in the Bible. Their traditions, however, prevent them from honestly studying the Bible carefully.

As students of the scriptures, we must ever watch our teachers carefully. Why? Because our eternal souls are in their hands. Before we engage in a spirited defense of these careless preachers, we need to ask if the Bible actually teaches what they’re talking about, or are they simply deceived into thinking that it does.