Why didn’t Solomon listen?

Solomon was God’s choice to become king of Israel after his father, David. In 1 Kings chapter 2, David gave his son some great advice. The first part of it dealt with the absolute necessity of learning and obeying God’s commandments (1 Kings 2:3-4). In the second part, David warned his son of his enemies and impressed Solomon with the need to deal with them.

From the totality of Solomon’s life, we know he listened intently to the second part but forgot the first. He immediately dealt with his father’s enemies. Over his lifetime, however, he should have remembered what his father told him about the need to obey the Lord’s commands.

We should listen to David’s words, too, because many of us were not listening in our youth, were we? Many people reject obedience to God, even in religion. But the very word religion means conformance to and an obligation to keep commands.

God never issued his commands in the Old and New Testament as something we might like to do. If so, they never would have been called commandments, would they? Remember, Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments,” (John 14:15).


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