More gold from Cecil May Jr. “Preacher Talk”

The Spring 2018 issue of “Preacher Talk” is out and there is more gold from Brother May in an article entitled, “Just Be There.” Many preachers ask what they should say when a member loses a loved one. Bro. May has the best answer.

“Job’s three friends were a comfort to him for a full week. They were silent, but there (Job 2:13). When they spoke they were ‘worthless physicians,’ (Job 13:4) and ‘miserable comforters,’ (Job 16:2).

A little girl was adopted as a grandchild by a couple next door. The wife died, and the girl went next door and sat outside with the old man for a couple of hours. When she came home, her mother asked, ‘What did you say to him?’ ‘Nothing, the girl said. ‘I just sat with him and helped him cry.’

When death or other tragedies occur, often there are no appropriate words to say. To be of genuine comfort, just be there.”

There are gems of gold in short lines like these!