Our devotion today by Bro. Ed Matthews is about self-control.

When I think of this trait, I am reminded of the word in the King James Version: “sober.”  The  apostle Paul, in the books of 1 Timothy and Titus encouraged everybody to “be sober.”

We usually think of sobriety in connection with the cessation or avoidance of alcohol or mood-altering drugs. In the New Testament, it really has to do with the responsibility one has to oneself to maintain self-control. It has to do with the responsibility we owe ourselves to maintain control and focus in our lives.

When I think of some of the incidents in scripture when good people lost self-control, I’m reminded of King David. The sight of Bathsheba bathing on a roof-top was all it took for the king to lose his self-control and abandon all reason.

Passion is a good thing used for proper purposes, but too much passion can be dangerous. When Peter took his sword and cut off Malchus’ ear, he had lost his self-control. We owe it to our God, ourselves and our friends and family to lead a disciplined, controlled life as an example of Christ. We do not honor ourselves, others, or the Lord when we lose control of behavior. That’s never a condition fit for a child of God.