Sovereign God, Your Son had nowhere to lay His head. It is not enough
for me to offer Him a pillow. I must abandon my comforts for His sake. Help
me to do what You want me to do. Through Him, who leads the way, Amen.

Bro. Ed Matthews added the above prayer to his devotional for today, Jan. 18. I thought it was appropriate for what he discussed about Jesus and “comfort.”

Comfort is a necessary American item. People can’t get enough of it. Most people in the United States would not go without their homes, beds, pillows, couches, food, and warmth for a day.

Jesus lived a life with few comforts. He had no home (Matthew 8:20), he had no furniture. If he were alive today, would people think Jesus was a homeless man? Probably. Yet, this homeless man was not what he appeared, was he?

Bro. Ed makes the point that Jesus’ work was “merely devoid of earthly encumbrances.” True. But, the Lord wasn’t trying to put on a show for the benefit of others. His work was about teaching as many people as he could in the time he had been given.

Are we willing to do forgo comfort for the work Jesus did? Many are not. But, for those who are, they will find more comfort in sharing Christ with others than they could ever realize from a fluffy pillow.

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