Get out of that comfort zone!

J.R.R. Tolkien’s book “Lord of the Rings” describes the life of Frodo, a hobbit of the Shire, and how he found in his possession the ring of the enemy. For many months, Frodo took a journey to destroy the ring in the fires of Mt. Doom.

It seemed he hated every step of the journey. He hated sleeping on the ground. He hated walking long distances. He hated waking up with nothing to eat. Still, he pressed on to Mordor and the mountain.

Frodo had been taken from his home, his habits, and his routine. He was uncomfortable and longed to be back home.

Frodo is a mythical creature, but we can see something of ourselves in him. Frodo had a routine he enjoyed. Most of us have routines, too.

We get up at the same time, we eat three meals every day. We go to work and come home at the same time (well, almost). We do the same things with our children.

Most people are like prisoners in jail. They awake every day at the same time. They work and return to their cell. Their lives are regimented deeply in routine.

Frodo was in a comfort zone. So are many people. We depend on our routine to ground us, and that’s exactly what it does. Getting out of our comfort zones is so difficult it’s almost impossible.

We’re fat, we’re out of shape physically, we’re sick because we’ve carried on the same routine every day for 40 years.

Going to church is little different. People go because that’s what they do on Sunday. They pray little memorized prayers, they refuse to speak to anyone else about their need for salvation, they give the same amount every Sunday, they sing the same songs. Their religion is routine.

Here’s a suggestion. Instead of going along with the routine in church do something different that will show your love for God. Pour your heart out to him in prayer. Read the words you’re singing and let their meanings penetrate to your soul. Carry a Bible (gasp) and read it along with the sermon. Start thinking and meaning your religion.

Get out of that comfort zone and worship God for a change!


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