Heal my loved one

PleasHealingHandse forgive me if this post offends you, but God cannot use miraculous means to heal anyone, not even your dearest loved ones.

He can’t do it because if he did, he’d show partiality. What if he healed your loved one and not mine? God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). If he used a miracle to heal one person and refused to do so for another, that’s favoritism and God does not do things that way.

Yet, at the store, in church and on the Internet I hear, “God please heal her/him.” Or, I hear, “God lay your healing hands upon so-and-so.” I realize people are under real stress when their loved ones are sick and I know how much we all want them to get well, but God just doesn’t perform miraculous healings like that anymore.

There was a time when God used his power to perform miracles, but there was a specific reason for doing that (John 20:30-31). To think that miracles still occur today is to miss the reason why the miracles were done in the first place: they were done to testify to the truth being preached.

I know. My cardiologist keeps telling me I’m his “miracle man” for surviving a heart attack last year. I keep telling him I’m not a miracle. God provided him, the hospital, the nurses and the medicines so that I could recover. It was not a miracle. It was hard work on their part, and hard work on mine, too.

Believe me, I wish everyone could lay claim to a miracle, but it just isn’t that way. God’s son and his apostles performed miracles in the New Testament to show God testimony to the truth they preached. Having done what needed to be done, miracles have gone away (1 Corinthians 13:8).