News Media: “Hard-wired to worry”

If there was ever any doubt on which side the news media can spin Science, there can’t be much now. NBC News reported on its website that we are “wired to worry.” Here’s link to the article:

We have evolutionary and postmodern philosophies to thank for the way the news media (and many others) think. Like alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking, sexual aberrations, and every other type of behavior that relies on voluntary muscle and brain control, we are now “hard-wired to worry.” Our anxiety is not our fault, it’s just part of our genetic structure.

The author wrote that stress, of course, is the primary reason why we become more anxious, but the next most common cause? “A second, hidden reason is biological. As stress increases overall, more of us will develop a poorly regulated stress system as a result of stressful experiences in early life, while we are still in the womb or in the first year of life. If we become ‘stress dysregulated’ (SDR), we react more often, more strongly and for a longer time.”

In other words, it is the levels of “cortisol,” and other biological markers that cause worry. Again, nothing that happens to us is our fault. If we drink alcohol, it’s not our fault we become drunks. If we smoke, it is not our fault when lung cancer comes to call. If we kill someone, it must be because we have a mental aberration and not because of conscious thought. Thanks to Science and the news media, people are quickly becoming robots and, therefore, not responsible for any action(s) whatsoever.

Jesus taught differently. He said, “So then, don’t worry saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear?'” In fact, Jesus said the phrase, “don’t worry” four times in Matthew chapter six. According to the Son of God, the Creator, worry is something we do, not something that is brought upon us. There endeth the lesson.