Company: “Here’s how to read your Bible”

A Bible header-howtoreadbiblepublishing company sent me an email telling me how to read my Bible.

This puzzled me because companies don’t usually tell me how to read any other book. Emails don’t usually come telling me how to read the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution or the First Ten Amendments to the Constitution. I don’t get much advice on how to read what’s on Kindle or an Internet site (there have been warnings, but not anything telling me how to read Internet content).

Why would a company tell me how to read the Bible?

It may be the company has a particular way in which they believe the Bible should be read by the masses. Such a thing strikes me as odd for all the aforementioned reasons. I don’t really know what this Bible publisher is saying to me.

Now, if that publisher wanted me to understand how to interpret the Bible, then that still wouldn’t make any sense to me. Is the Bible to be interpreted any differently than any other written document? Are the principles of interpretation different for the Bible? If so, how?

These questions leave me to ask what motivation this company has for telling me how to read (and/or interpret) the Bible. Are there particular doctrines they are trying to sell with their Bibles? Is there some kind of idea they want me to accept that isn’t taught in their Bibles?

The truth is, no one should be trying to tell me how to read or how to think. In fact, I think I shall allow the Bible to tell me how to think. Isn’t that why the Lord God had a Bible written?


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