Altering God’s will

The best (and most difficult) teacher I had was Dr. Thomas Eaves, who taught many of my Bible courses. I nearly failed Apologetics because I didn’t understand that Brother Eaves wanted us to memorize the outside readings and our notes for the first test  (I did manage to make a “B” as the final grade for the course).

Bro. Eaves spoke at the Spiritual Sword Lectures in 1989 on Mark chapter 10 which included the “Rich, Young Ruler.” I wanted to share with you his words on verses 17-23 of that lecture:

“One of the greatest lessons in these events is seen in Jesus’ actions following the young ruler’s decision. What did Jesus do when the young man whom he loved went away sorrowing and in his lost condition? Jesus watched him walk away! The Master did not call him back and alter his requirements because mankind must conform their lives to God’s will instead of altering God’s word to fit their will or present lifestyle.”

‘Nuff said.