Thanksgiving everyday in November: for November 5

Lordglorify_god God, Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the opportunities you give each day to live the Christian life and to show that life in an example to others.

Thank you for giving opportunities to preach and teach your word to a dying world. Your word is the world’s only hope of salvation. We pray that you will continue to send opportunities to share your word, and that you will help me see these opportunities when they present themselves.

Thank you for opportunities to study your word. Please grant that more opportunities will be made available. I understand that the more I study your word, the better I will understand and relate it. Please help me live everyday with the understanding of the great responsibility I have to help others find the way to eternal life.

Lord God, thank you for always helping me through your word. Your word is the only source of real strength in a world that knows little about true endurance.

In Jesus name, amen.