glorify_godAlmighty Father,

Thank you for always loving me. You don’t give your love because I deserve it. I don’t. You don’t give your love because you are required to do so. You’re not. But, simply because you made me and gave me my soul you show your love for me each day.

Thank you for showing me your love in the world you have given. You make sure that every day there is air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. The bounty of the earth is given because you say it should. Every blessing comes from you and they come with abundance. Thank you for those blessings.

Thank you for showing me your love in your son who gave his life and blood that I might live eternally. You didn’t have to send him here to suffer and die, but you did. I wasn’t because I deserved him, but because I needed him. No one has ever lived on the earth like him, Father. He taught us to love one another and stop hating. He taught us that if we love him we would keep his commandments. He taught us not only how to live here on earth, but also how to go to heaven.

Thank you for all your gifts that we are given each day both physical and spiritual. Please help us to remember from where those gifts come.

In Jesus name, amen.