Thanksgiving Prayer for November 2, 2016

glorify_godLord God, Heavenly Father,

Thank you for giving us so many spiritual blessings.

Thank you for giving us Jesus who has shown us not only how to live, but also what to live for. Thank you for sending him to show us the way to eternal life. Thank you showing us there is more to life than an existence on this temporary planet, but that a life used serving God is the highest purpose anyone could ever achieve.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of discipleship. It is in being a disciple of Christ that we learn to live with our minds on spiritual things and not on things on the earth. By being a disciple of Christ we can  point the way to life eternal to others and show them your great love in sending Jesus to die for our sins.

Thank you, Father, for your gift of your word that can change the heart of sinful man into a blessing that can help others to live life more abundantly.

For these and so many other spiritual blessings we thank you, Lord God, and praise your holy name.

In Jesus name, amen.