Lord God, Creator of Everything and our heavenly Father,

We praise and extol your name ruler of the universe because you spoke and the worlds came into existence. We praise and extol your name creator of everything because you created the world and everything in it including all the glorify_godhumans on this world.

We praise and extol your name Creator God because you have loved us and have shown us your love by sending your son to redeem us from sin. You did not have to send your son to die for our sins, but you did because you loved us and wanted us to live with you in heaven forever.

Lord God, we humble ourselves before you thanking you for your great love for us. It was when we were unlovable and lost in sin that you showed your greatness in giving the Lord Jesus for us. At the time of our rebellion against you, we did not think we needed a Savior, but you showed us your great love by giving Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins.

And, if that wasn’t enough, you gave us your word in the Bible so that we might learn to love you by doing what you command. We thank you for your word that is a light unto our feet and a lamp on our path. Thank you, Creator God, for your love and for our salvation.

In Jesus name, amen.