Doomed to repeat

God’s word teaches that even the most powerful nation in the world cannot avoid its responsibility for or its punishment of sin.

Possibly a little more than 200 years after the prophet Isaiah wrote the 21st chapter of the book that bears his name, judgment came to Babylon. Although the Assyrians defeated Babylon, it rose to power and eventually took control of Nineveh. But, Babylon was taken without a struggle in 539 B.C. by King Cyrus as God’s prophet had written (Isaiah 44:28; 45:1).

Isaiah identified the nation that would overcome the powerful, but evil Babylon (Isaiah 21:2). The prophet correctly predicted the Babylonians would be unprepared for the coming of King Cyrus (Isaiah 21:5), and the Scripture announces Babylon’s fall as if it had already happened (Isaiah 21:9).

The word of God teaches from history that judgment comes to all who commit sin and live in its bondage. Indeed it is impossible for a man to take fire to his bosom and remain unburned (Proverbs 6:27). If the Bible teaches anything, it teaches punishment comes to all sinners who refuse to repent — even the most powerful of nations — in time.

Americans currently live in the most powerful nation in the world. Yet, sin has reared its ugly head in this nation. The grievous sin of abortion has claimed the lives of millions of innocent babies because people have believed the lie that the unborn are not alive. This lie continues even though these unborn children have hearts that are beating and blood coursing through their bodies. God is not ignorant of this sin, and many others.

There is, however, the old saying: “Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Let us hope and pray that America will come to its senses before the Lord God of heaven sends his judgment.