Responsible for myself

It is sad that a writer for the “Huffington Post” blamed the churches of Christ for her own lack of faith. The writer accused someone for making a rude remark about someone else and immediately condemned the entire church for her own spiritual weakness.

This is common in our world. There are people who will condemn the church for the actions of others. But, we are responsible for our own lack of faith and our own spiritual failures. We can try to blame others for driving us away from the church, but it isn’t right.

I’ve often heard others say, “I don’t do the speed limit because no one else does.” If I am stopped by police for speeding, and try to use the “no one else does the speed limit” excuse, what do you think will happen? Will that excuse be effective? No.  The officer is going to point out, and rightly so, that I am the one who was speeding. I am the one who has broken the law.

There is something else that must be considered. The “Huffington Post” writer made a mistake she would not have made when writing about another race, sex or religion. She condemned the entire Church of Christ for the behavior of one person. In any other case, that behavior would have been ridiculed by the “Huffington Post.” Unless it is one of their writers who are guilty.