A Month of Thanks #3 for 11/3/2015

Lord God, Heavenly Father,

Thank you for friendship and love. How poor would our lives be without it! How dark our walk in this life would be without your love!

We thank you for friendship and love because you are the only true idea of both. We would never know either unless you showed them to us in your deeds and your word. We would never know how to show friendship and love and we would never know them in others if not for your examples of them in what you have done for us and how you have demonstrated both in your word.

We pray we may always love you and be your friend. We are thankful we have been made your friends through the death of your son on the cross. It was his blood that brought us back together and gave us other friends to love, and we are thankful for them.

Father, may we ever abide and remain in your love through obedience to your commands. Help us to understand that obeying your will and word is the way we show you our love.

Forgive us when we sometimes try to become friends with the world. Often, we don’t remember that becoming friends with the world makes us your enemies. Restore us to your love and guidance.

Through Jesus we pray. Amen.