A Prayer of Thanksgiving Each Day; For 11/14/2015

Dear Lord and Creator God,

Thank you for always being near. Thank you for the blessing of your presence and love always.

Help everyone on earth to learn to rely on you in time of need. Sometimes, we think we are responsible for curing every ill of the world. So often we find ourselves unable to right the wrongs we see. Help us to come to you and in humility ask for your great and wonderful help.

Thank you for the peace that has been sent to the world in the person of your son. Help people in the world to understand, great Lord, that the only peace mankind will ever find is in obedience to your word and in conducting ourselves as you will.

Thank you for the way to peace through your son and our Savior.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving Each Day; For 11/13/2015

Give thanks to the Lord for the things he does are greater than anything on earth!

Give thanks to the Lord and seek his will every day of your life. Obey the Lord and live eternally. Why? Because he is the one who created the light. He is the one who created the dark. Think of the wondrous works he has done for his people. Think of how he delivered Israel from Egypt and how news of his works was spread to other lands.

God delivered Israel from a power that did not want them to go. Yet even the might of Pharaoh could not stop God from delivering them.

He opened the rock for them in the wilderness and water flowed from it. He gave them quail to eat in the wilderness.

Give thanks to the Lord for his mighty works that are greater than anything on earth! Who can adequately tell of all the great and powerful works of the Lord? Who can adequately praise him? Who can stand before his great holiness?

Give thanks to the Lord and obey his holy word for the things he does are greater than anything on earth!

A Thanksgiving prayer each day; for 11/12/2015

Thank you, Lord, for your lovingkindness and mercy. Your grace has appeared to all in sending your son, Jesus, to instruct me and die for me.

Thank you, Lord for sending your son to teach me as if I was a child. Thank you for teaching me to deny my own interests when they conflict with the truth. Help me to benefit from this teaching so that I may learn to become ever so much more like you than the world.

Thank you, Lord for sending your son to teach me to refuse the mundane, inordinate desires of the world so that I may live as one whose life is governed by the higher and nobler calling of the gospel.

Thank you, Lord for sending your son to teach me self-respect that I am expected to govern my mind through the reason and order of your word instead of exhibiting the behavior of the undisciplined.

Thank you, Lord for sending your son to teach me to treat others as I want to be treated. Your son has taught that right doing is the path to glory. Thank you for teaching me to respect others and to deal with them rightly.

Thank you, Lord for sending your son to teach me to be more like you every day. Learning to become more like you teaches me to develop the attitudes I need to develop godliness in my life.

Thank you, Lord for sending your son to teach me so many things.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(From Titus 2:11-12)

A Thanksgiving Prayer Each Day: for 11/11/15

Most Holy and Glorious Father,

In our service to you this day, great God, let there be silence as I wait on you and listen to your word with a dedicated heart.

Sin and iniquities seek to gain the upper hand against me. But because of your love, grace and mercy you forgive them all. Thank you, great Lord!

You bless and provide for all on the earth and your rain falls on the just and unjust. Thank you, great Lord!

Your enemies hold fast to their evil purpose while you stretch forth your hand and offer to save them. Surely no one is as loving and kind as you, great Lord!

All mankind is in awe of your great might and power seen in your creation and all your marvelous works. We praise your name, great Lord!

You give us food to eat and water to drink. You bless the growth of crops and the ground is covered with grain and crops. Thank you, great Lord!

Thank our great Lord, everyone, and praise his name before all. For he sees us with caring eyes in this life and gives to all life, breath and all things.

Praise and thanks to our great Lord!

A Prayer of Thanksgiving each day; for 11/10/2015

Almighty and Everlasting Father,

Thank you for your care of your children. Your children are few in this world and must live in the presence of the unrighteous. The poor are oppressed by those who do not care. They say there is no God over us.

Yet your word shines forth unto us, your children like the purest silver. Help us to honor your word by studying and applying it to our hearts and lives so that our speech will be what you want and our actions will be consistent with your will.

Please hear our prayer for the world, that they may hear your word and obey it. Please help us, Lord, to take the responsibility of teaching others the truth seriously so that they may hear and obey you.

Thank you for preserving those who obey you.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Prayer Each Day for 11/9/2015

Lord God, Heavenly Father,

There is no adequate way to thank you for the forgiveness of my sin. When I think how righteous and how great you are and how sinful and inconstant I have been, words fail.

Yet, I am thankful for your grace and love. Thank you for making every possible detail correct for the coming of your son into the world. Thank you for the teaching he gave to all. Thank you for the sacrifice of his body and blood on the cross that through the obedience of faith I might have a relationship with you and continue to be free of sin.

Thank you for giving me a life of happiness here on earth, and the very real prospect of life in heaven with you when this world is over. Thank you for removing sin and fear from my heart and replacing it with joy and salvation.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Prayer Each Day; For 11/8/2015

Gracious and Almighty Father,

Permit me to give thanks to you with all my heart.

Thank you for making me a happy person. Your protection has spread over me like a warm blanket. You are worthy to be praised because of your lovingkindness and mercy.

You hold the universe in your hands. Nothing passes through the heavens that you do not see. You correct the nations and hold this world and the universe in continual balance.

Thank you for your promise to judge the world in righteousness. Your word has taught me that if I obey you, I need have no fear of your pronouncements.

Those who know your name put their trust in you. For you, oh, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.

(From Psalm 9)